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Dear Friends,

SCCS Europe is back! We are delighted to inform you that the organisation of this year's SCCS-Europe is now underway. The conference will be held between 14 - 17 September 2022. This year we have a change of scenery as the conference moves to the Southern shore of the Lake Balaton, to Balatonvilágos (photos of the new venue can be found here).

Hopefully the pandemic and the current conflict will allow us to meet in September. Until then stay safe, take care, get vaccinated.

Best wishes,
The organisers


COVID-19 Update

We would like to ask all participants to ensure that they are healthy and are not infected with COVID-19 before travelling to the conference. In Balatonvilágos, we will test all participants and organisers at the start of the event. Tests will also be available during the conference, and we encourage everyone to take them if they feel any symptoms that can be associated with COVID-19. Masks and hand sanitisers will be also available at the venue, and although no restrictions are currently implemented in Hungary, we recommend wearing masks when inside.


Background of the conference

The Student Conference on Conservation Science series started in Cambridge and have expanded with Brisbane, Beijing, Bangalore and New York.

SCCS is the largest international conference in conservation science, where students and early career scientists are welcomed and have the chance to present their research, learn from each other and meet with experts of the field who can offer them guidance in their future careers.

In 2015, Hungary joined this inspiring event and organizes a conference, especially for young scientists from all around Europe to build a network among the presented parts of the continent.