Student Conference on Conservation Science


Julia Marton-Lefevre – From Conservation Research to Influencing Policy

Julia Marton-Lefèvre has, during many years, been at the helm of several important global environmental and science organizations.
She will discuss the way in which the use of nature is governed: what works and what does not, and how to find the right balance between saving biodiversity and sustainable development. She will propose, and hope to discuss with the audience. Solutions for both people and for Nature by positioning nature as providing solutions for global and local challenges.


William Sutherland – Conservation science and policy

There is a serious gap between the work of scientists and the requirements of policy makers and practitioners. I will discuss this problem and suggest a range of solutions.


Ferenc Jordán – A network view on conservation biology

From individual organisms to landscapes, nature is hierarchically organized. Larger systems are composed of smaller ones and they are also parts of even larger ones. In order to better understand the role and functioning of a social group, a population or a smaller community, it is useful to study them in a hierarchical view. In this talk, I provide examples for how to link individuals to groups, populations to communities and local ecosystems to landscapes. The vertical connections among these horizontal layers explain a number of current problems in everyday conservation practice.


Tibor Hartel – Conservation biology in changing cultural landscapes of Eastern Europe

This presentation will address the following topics related to the conservation of the biodiversity in the changing traditional cultural landscapes of Romania (Eastern Europe): (i) the evolution of the ecologically valuable cultural landscapes as tightly coupled social-ecological systems, (ii) social-ecological drivers of change and finally (iii) motivations for conservation work by young (early career) conservation biologists and the socio-economic barriers in conducting conservation work in this country.