Student Conference on Conservation Science

Keynote speakers

Dr Lynn Dicks

 Lynn Dicks is a Research Fellow at the University of East Anglia in the UK, funded by the Natural Environment Research   Council. She is an applied ecologist, focused on sustainable management of agricultural landscapes, with particular reference   to wild pollinator conservation and the maintenance of pollination services. She has published several papers on the   effectiveness (or not) of agri-environment schemes in Europe, and her research group works at the interface between agro-   ecology, policy and the food and farming industry. She was a Co-ordinating Lead Author of the IPBES global assessment   report on pollinators and pollination in 2016.



Dr Barbara Mihók

 Barbara Mihók completed her PhD in Ecology and Systematic Biology in 2008. Following the years of forest ecology PhD   research, she quickly became involved in inter- and transdisciplinary conservation studies working along with social scientists   and ecological economists. She conducted ecosystem services qualitative assessments, participatory conservation research   and environmental horizon scanning during her career at the MTA Centre for Ecological Research. Searching for a   deeper understanding of the human-nature connection in recent years her attention has turned from the institutional and social   context to the individual scale of nature conservation: human values, attitudes, behaviour. Her recent area of interests covers   theoretical and applied ecopsychology and the link between the well-being of humans and nature. Currently she is a member of an ecological economics research group (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Research Centre) at the                                                University of Szeged and a partner of the Ecopsychology Institute, Budapest.

(Photo by Bálint Bajomi)


Zselyke Molnos

 Zselyke Molnos is an ecopsychologist, founder and leader of the Ecopsychology Institute, Hungary. A biologist and psychologist   by training, she is interested in psychological processes that bond us to or alienate us from the natural world, and is working on     the integration of psychological aspects and insights into conservation. She is also involved in attitude development using         nature-based counselling and other various applied ecopsychological methods. Her first Hungarian textbook: The Basics of   Ecopsychology was released in 2016.




Dr Francisco Moreira

 Francisco Moreira is a biologist, researcher at the CIBIO-InBIO Research Network in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology,   University of Porto, Portugal. He is a member of the SCB-Europe Board and the coordinator of the Mediterranean   Committee. His research interests include (a) the links between farmland and forest management and biodiversity; (b) fire   ecology; (c) biodiversity impacts of anthropogenic linear infrastructures (power lines in particular).



Professor Andrew Pullin 

 Andrew Pullin is a founder and former Chair of the Board of the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE), a global   NGO and open collaboration that provides guidance and standards and promotes the conduct and dissemination of evidence   reviews and syntheses on impacts and effectiveness of environmental management and policy interventions. Currently   Professor of Evidence-Based Conservation and Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation at Bangor   University,  his background is in environmental science and conservation biology. With colleagues, Andrew raised awareness   of the need for more evidence-based conservation. He served as President of the European Section of the Society for   Conservation Biology and on the global Governing Board. Recently Vice-President of the British Ecological Society and Editor   of Biological Conservation he is currently Editor-in-Chief of Environmental Evidence.