Student Conference on Conservation Science

List of posters

  • Anita Atrena: Effects on natural and forestry caused disturbances on plant communities in European beech forests.
  • Aleksandra Cwajna: The effect of linear structures on spatial turnover of pollinator communities in a landscape scale
  • Tamás Lakatos: Bird communities at the interface of nature- and human-dominated landscapes
  • Emilia Marjańska: Do railway embankments and levees support biodiversity in a human-modified landscape?
  • Kata Pásztor: Change of body mass and thorax width with age in a natural butterfly population
  • Kitti Révész: Meta-analysis on the effects of uncut refuge strips on grassland arthropods
  • Anwesha Saha: Endemicity and radiation of Cremnoconchus (Gastropoda: Littorinidae) in the waterfalls of Western Ghats, India
  • Dávid Stephenson: Affects of forest management on flowering herbaceous plant abundance and diversity in a private reserve in Kenya
  • Ágota Réka Szabó: A meta-analysis on the effect of invasive plants and their traits on the diversity of pollinators
  • Hunor Takács-Vágó: Give a name to give a chance: taxonomy and conservation