Student Conference on Conservation Science

Workshops 2023

Workshop “Conservation in practice – hoverflies as example” - Ante Vujić

Conservation of biodiversity is a top priority for the coming decades. During the 1.5 hour- session, the aim is to provide information about hoverflies conservation in practice to inspire you to start with similar activities in your professional future work.


Workshop „Communicating science to stakeholders” - Mark Brown

In the context of this workshop, participants are expected to work in small groups tolearn about and practice the skill of communicating science to stakeholders, based on experiences in the PoshBee project.


Workshop Linking between biodiversity conservation with other aspects of sustainable regional development” - Tamara Mitrofanenko

Participants will be experimenting with the Causal Loop Diagram technique to consider concrete linkages (and potential synergies or trade-offs) between conservation and other topics of the Carpathian Convention, such as sustainable tourism, cultural heritage, agriculture and rural development.