Student Conference on Conservation Science

Keynote speakers



Costanza Geppert is a researcher at the University of Padova, in Italy. After a MSc thesis on the effectiveness of flower strips and organic farming to support pollinators at Goettingen University (DE), she was awarded her PhD for studies on climate change effects on plants and herbivore insects at the University of Padova. Currently, she works on social-ecological systems, ecosystem services and human-nature connections, with a focus on insects. She teaches a course on insects under global change.




Yann Clough is Professor in Environmental Sciences and Assistant Director for Research at the Centre for Environmental and Climate science (CEC), Lund university, Sweden. He studied agriculture in France and the Netherlands, and did his PhD in Agroecology in Göttingen, comparing biodiversity in organic and conventional agriculture. His work focusses on the links between land-use, biodiversity, ecosystem services and resilience to climate change in farm and farm-forest landscapes in temperate and tropical agricultural systems. Much of his research is interdisciplinary, and international collaboration currently includes participation in H2020 Safeguard (European Pollinators) and UPSCALE (Upscaling push-pull technology in East Africa). He currently leads the ERC Project DrivenByPollinators aimed at assessing the role of pollinators in mediating effects of landscape-scale land-use effects on plant communities. 



Deepa Senapathi trained as an ecologist and conservation biologist. After completing her undergraduate studies in Zoology at the University of Madras, India, she briefly explored aspects of Molecular Ecology as a visiting researcher at the University of Cambridge. She then moved away from the lab to the field and completed a MSc in Applied Ecology and Conservation at the University of East Anglia before completing her PhD at the University of Reading, UK. She has worked on critically endangered bird species including the Jerdon’s Courser and the Mauritius Kestrel but has focussed more on insect pollinator conservation over the last decade. Her research focusses on the impacts of environmental change on biodiversity and ecosystem services. More recently she had focussed on knowledge exchange and working with policymakers and land managers to enhance land management for biodiversity and improve livelihoods.