Student Conference on Conservation Science

SCCS Cambridge

This years 2024 SCCS Cambridge was on 26-28 march. The registration for SCCS Cambridge 2025 will open later.

The conference is able to help outstanding students from lower income countries travel to the conference through a bursary scheme.  Further information about our bursaries and applying for the conference can be found on the poster and the website.

The Student Conference on Conservation Science series in Cambridge ( along with the newly organised sister conferences in Australia, Beijing, Bangalore, New York and Hungary is the only international series of conservation conferences aimed entirely at students to bring together conservation scientists in the early stages of their research careers. SCCS also uses its location in Cambridge to build firm links between the new generation of conservation scientists and the many national and international conservation agencies based nearby.

Over the past 15 years, SCCS Cambridge has hosted over 2,500 delegates from 124 countries worldwide.

The conference has an internship scheme, which is available for conference delegates from developing and eastern European countries. This scheme enables student delegates to spend up to one month after the conference with a UK-based NGO or university department carrying out a conservation-related project of mutual interest.

Further information about the Student Conference on Conservation Science and details of how to apply can be found on the conference website: