Student Conference on Conservation Science

Keynote speakers 2023

Prof. Ante Vujić

Professor Ante Vujić teaches a number of courses in Environment and Conservation Biology at the University of Novi Sad, Dept. of Biology and Ecology. He has developed cooperation network including: University of Aegean, Department of Geography, Greece; University of Alicante, Spain; University of Helsinki, Finland, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, Netherlands. 

He is (was) principal investigator from University of Novi Sad at six international (EU) and three national research projects related to pollinators. His main research interests are biodiversity, conservation and taxonomy of hoverlies (Diptera, Syrphidae). He published more than 123 scientific papers and five monographs.


Prof. Mark Brown

Professor Mark Brown is Professor of Evolutionary Ecology & Conservation at Royal Holloway University of London. After being awarded his PhD for studies of the behavioural ecology of seed-eating ants in California, he started working on the interactions between bumblebees and their parasites in the Schmid-Hempel lab in Switzerland. Since then he has held positions at Trinity College Dublin and, now, Royal Holloway University of London. He works at the interface of evolutionary ecology and conservation, with a focus on bumblebees and other wild bees. Research in his group has examined the interactions between bumblebees and their parasite communities, the potential impact of pathogen spillover on wild bees, the role of agrochemicals in bee declines, and mitigation measures to reverse and prevent these impacts. He led the H2020 PoshBee consortium project, which aimed to support sustainable pollinators and sustainable pollination across Europe.


Tamara MitrofanenkoTamara Mitrofanenko is working as an expert in the field of regional sustainable development as part of the team of the United Nations Environment Programme, Office in Vienna, Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention and at the University of Natural Resources and life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU), Institute of Landscape Development, Recreation and Conservation Planning (ILEN). Her work has been largely focused on Central and Eastern Europe, and the Caucasus countries. Her PhD Thesis was focused on “Integrating approaches from the Intergenerational field into protected area management and regional development governance”. Since learning about the importance of transdisciplinary approaches for sustainable regional development, she has devoted her efforts to integration of transdisciplinary approaches into academic systems and policy processes as well as science-policy-practice interface in the context of sustainable regional development, as well as Education for Sustainable Development.


Dr. Balázs A. LukácsDr Balázs A. Lukács is a senior research fellow at the Institute of Aquatic Ecology, Centre for Ecological Research. He serves as the lead of the Wetland Ecology Research Group, which is actively engaged in ongoing research focused on freshwater-related topics. The group's primary area of interest lies in the field of biological invasion, with a particular emphasis on exploring the functional ecology and plasticity of invasive alien aquatic plants and the endozoochoric dispersion of plants and microbiomes. In addition to these scientific pursuits, the group also plays a crucial role in freshwater conservation efforts. By addressing pertinent questions relevant to freshwater restoration and socio-economic aspects such as the effect of anglers on freshwaters and the implementation of the Water Framework Directive, their work contributes to the advancement of sustainable water management practices.